Hi, I am Chenghong Li

Master of Computer Science at Stony Brook University

Focusing on back end, doing something front end

Personal goal: loving coding, enjoying life

About myself

I am Chenghong Li, currently master student in Computer Science at Stony Brook University.

My interests are mainly focused on Web, including its structure, development, security and maintenance. Although I have to perform like a full-stack developer, my favorite part is back-end development. Currently, I have enrolled a project researching vulnerabilities of well-known PHP web applications. Also, I am building my personal website using Spring Boot framework.

My preferred developing language is Java since I use Java and Spring framework for development website most, while I use C, Python, JavaScript, PHP, SQL and Prolog as well.

Working with codes is not easy. So in my daily life, I’d like to enjoy the procedure of cooking and love the tastes of traditional Chinese foods. I prefer to select mixed spices and apply them to cuisine properly, which removes odor and stimulates your appetite. Travel is my other passion where I can relax myself and enjoy pleasing sights. 

About cover image

This picture shows the scene of train platform in a snowy dawn last year at LIRR Stony Brook station. Stony Brook is located on the Long Island, to the east of New York City. The winter here is chill and snowy. When heavy clouds fill in the sky with a few of seagulls flying, the scene that there is no one but me under the dim lights, is somehow similar to the end of world.

About website

I use CitrusLeaf as the title of my website. Citrus is common fruit in China with sweat and little sour flavor, which is one of my favorites. Leaves are regarded as one of fundamental components for a plant, which express my thoughts that I’d like to challenge myself to be a reliable and core member in the team. The capital letters of citrus and leaf are exactly same to the ones of my name. That is the story my website title.

My design divides the website into two separate parts in Simplified Chinese and English respectively. This one is the English version of my website whose the contents and articles are independent to the Simplified Chinese version. Currently, I am trying to establish my website as soon as possible and experiment something new but useful on Chinese version. Thus, this English version is lack of contents and articles. I will fulfill them in the future. 

The Chinese version is at https://chenghongli.com/zh